At Truestar, we make patio furniture covers, boat covers, RV covers,and other items to keep your outdoor 
furniture and vehicles in great shape, all year long. 
But it's more than that to us. We know a cover is not just about protecting your stuff. Sure, that’s part of it. 
But to us, it’s about much more than that. 

Operation Strategy

Service Foremost, Professional Solution.

Service Foremost. TWC believes that service is the most important to our operation.TWC’s goal is to spare no effort to enhance customers’ benefits and reputations. TWC always put smiling,meticulous, professional plastic products service as the survival of the country. meanwhile, the highlight of cost saving, excellent performance, lean workflow, prompt respond and the pursuit for customers’satisfaction to the largest extent are also our basic service belief .This service contains two layers of meaning:(a) management provides resource and service to sales and representatives to help our sales and representatives satisfied;(b) TWC sales and representatives provide cost management, process excellence,and time efficiency services to support our partners success. Service foremost not only our operationstrategy, but also everyone in TWC’s behaviors conduction.

Develop Strategy

Going Concern, LIVE AND LET LIVE

Going Concern. TWC desire all our employees a long-term point of view, especially in profitability, credit risk, finance cash flow, brand credit, raw materials price fluctuation, constantly products quality control,employees career development, eco friendly & recyclability etc. major issues. meanwhile, our long-term development objectives must also step-by step, systematic and principled, strategically achieved. Truestar Waterproof Cover Co.,LTD is founders’ commitment from the intimal, most of employees finally fully integrates themselves into TWC’s platform. Hence, TWC beyond founders’ own commitment to a dream platform of everyone in TWC. We need to reserve enough resources needed in order to continue to develop indefinitely. Moreover, TWC is already provided services to more than 50 countries, and aim “to besustainable partner in media”. Hence, we ought to be going concern to support all of them.