Company Culture

Everything we do, we fosters a respectful and inclusive culture that appreciates all the ways our employees,partners,vendors,and community attendees are both similar and different. We believe that diversify cultural fusion with our belief and in the societies we serve creates a harmonious and bright future.
We,our management value our employees and believe that theirs success is TWC’s success. therefor we support our employees with a supportive environment that provides the resources and service to help them succeed. Our sales or representatives covey this supportive environment to partners hand by hand, and undertake our partners’ success as their commitments.
We foster a respectful and inclusive culture that appreciates all the ways our employees,partners,vendors and community partners are both similar and different,enabling us to : (a) Cultivate sense of service. Our partners deserve our respect as always, our sales and representatives should always bear sense of service, to show cost management , process excellence, and time efficiency service to won our partners’ satisfaction and loyalty. On the other hand, sales and representatives also our management service targets , they are in the front line to keep communications with partners,potential partners. All our sales and representatives’ speech and behavior will show first impression of TWC to our partners, by return our management should provide supportive environment, opportunities and service to our sales and representatives as well;( b ) Grow our business and retain satisfied and loyal partners. From our long-term experience,TWC intends to make business with partners who bear similar respectful and inclusive culture or insight as well. Usually, our partners set their own brands or well know brands in marketplace,they provide sustainable products and services to local dealers under their long-term reputation promise, and they built friendly relationship with vendors as well.
There is an old proverb in china called : “birds of a feather flock together”. TWC believes that we will meet our partners in this kind.